To enhance the creative economy for
trade and development gains
Mandate: UNCTAD XII, Accra (2008)
The panel recognized that UNCTAD´s work in the area of the creative economy and the creative industries should be pursued and enhanced It was felt that UNCTAD should continue to fulfill its mandates and assist Governments on issues related to the development dimension of the creative economy, in line with the three pillars of UNCTAD´s work: (a) consensus-building, by providing a platform for intergovernmental debates; (b) policy-oriented analysis, by identifying key issues underlying the creative economy and the dynamics of creative industries in world markets; and (c) technical cooperation, by assisting developing countries to enhance their creative economies for trade and development gains. 
(Secretary-General´s high-level panel on the creative economy
and industries for development)
Mandate: UNCTAD XI, São Paulo (2004)
The international community should support national efforts of developing countries to increase their participation in and benefit from dynamic sectors and to foster, protect and promote their creative industries.
(São Paulo Consensus, para.91)
Creative industries can help foster positive externalities while preserving and promoting cultural heritages and diversity. Enhancing developing countries´ participation in and benefit from new and dynamic growth opportunities in world trade is important in realizing development gains from international trade and trade negotiations, and represents a positive sum game for developed and developing countries.
(São Paulo Consensus, para. 65)
An overview of UNCTAD´s competence in the field of creative economy & industries:
An overview of UNCTAD´s competence in the field of creative economy & industries


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