Creative Economy Network
The UNCTAD Creative Economy Network is a platform for those interested in developing the creative economies of all nations, everywhere.
It is a network of people and organizations from around the world who share information, collaborate, and offer insight into their creative economies, industries and research into this exciting contributor to the global economy.
Hosted by UNCTAD's Creative Economy Programme, the network aims to be:
  • one of the primary platforms for shared resources and information on the global creative economy;
  • a site for linking collaborators; and
  • a facilitator of the free flow of information and opportunities.
To date and through the Creative Economy Network, UNCTAD has proactively facilitated the sharing of knowledge and best practices. It has forged strategic alliances and networks among governments, creators, the business community and the civil society.
UNCTAD’s Creative Economy Network connects with academia, artists, creative professionals and civil society to build a network to promote international cooperation, strategic alliances, research exchanges and advocacy. 


It has ongoing collaboration among others with the following actors:

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